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Swimrun Training Plan – Long Distance / Marathon – Imperial Units (Miles, Yards)


Swimrun Training plan for Marathon or Long Distance Swimrun by World Champion Fanny Kuhn. Choose this training plan if you want to train for a Swimrun race of 30-40 km (20-25 miles).

Swimrun Training plan for Marathon or Long Distance Swimrun. Choose this training plan is you want to train for a Swimrun race of 20-25 miles. This plan is written in imperial units: miles/ yards for running and yards for swimming. You can also use the swim workouts for a 50-m Olympic pool without any problems.

Who is this plan for?

Recommended level to get the most out of this plan, is that you can run 10 km (6 miles) easily and that you are comfortable doing 2000m (2000 yards) swimming workouts in the pool, before you start at week 1 of the plan. See sample weeks in the product gallery (week 1 and week 6).

The plan features:

  • 17 weeks of full workouts (the last week is taper)
  • Each week has 3 swims and 3 runs or 2 swims, 2 runs and 1 Swimrun session
  • It is recommended to do 1-2 strength sessions each week, but detailed workouts for strength sessions are not included in this plan.

Running: starts at 10 km per session and goes up to 35 km at the most (Swimrun session). Each Running session is specified with either a distance to run easy or a specific workout / interval session, hill session or staircase session. Each week has 1 tough run, the other runs are easy (aerobic zone 2 training).

Swimming: starts at 2000 yards per session and goes up progressively to 6000 yards in one session. Each swim workout is specifically specified with sets for warm up, main set and warm down. Each swim session is specified for pool swimming, so you don’t need a lake or ocean to complete the training.

The workout plan is delivered as a downloadable PDF document after you complete your purchase.

About Fanny Kuhn:

Fanny is a successful Swimrun athlete with an elite swimming background. Her greatest achievement in Swimrun is becoming World Champion in 2019 together with Desirée Andersson. She has coached pool swimming, triathlon and Swimrun athletes and is an avid promoter of the Swimrun sport, featured in multiple podcasts, news and Swimrun events. She has several national Swimming medals in breaststroke and Individual Medley and was a D1 College Athlete swimming for the University of Louisville (NCAA Championship qualifier).  Read more about Fanny here.


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