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50 Swim Workouts for Pool Swimming


50 unique pool swimming workouts to take your swimming fitness to the next level!


Workout sheet with 50 unique swimming workouts and sets for your pool swimming training.

The Swimming Workout Document contains:

  • 10 aerobic distance workouts, each 3500-500 meters or yards in length
  • 16 Sprint and speed workouts, 3000-3500 meters/yards each
  • 8 IM and Stroke focused workouts, 3000-4000 meters/yards each
  • 5 Challenger sets!
  • 11 recovery workouts, 2000-4000 meters/yards each
  • Swimming glossary

These workouts are designed to be done in a a 25 meters or yards pool, but they work just fine in an olympic 50-m pool as well. This document does not contain any open-water specific workouts.

See example workouts in the product gallery.

Note that this document is not a training plan, it is a collection of swim workouts that you can pick and choose from as needed. I suggest that you pick from each section in your weekly training. For example, if you swim 3 times per week, then pick one aerobic distance workout, 1 speed workout and one easy or less intense workout. I don’t suggest you do more than two anaerobic workouts per week! For really though workouts, you need to rest and recover to get the full benefits of the training. If you swim the day after such a workout, pick an easy swim.

Each workout is adaptable to your level, and you are guided to choose send-off times as well as how long to rest between sets.