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Marketing CV

Marketing Generalist

What drew me to marketing in the first place was its variety – I am interested in everything from performance marketing to SEO. What I consider myself the best at and think is most fun is content & inbound marketing. I love writing and am fascinated by the art of SEO and how to make those written pieces discovered.

To automate and fine-tune a lead funnel from the content-captured leads with all the tools available today is even more exciting. Right now, I’m learning how to make this faster and more efficient with AI – it’s yet another new world to discover.

I am also an entrepreneur. I have worked for a start-up for four years now and also co-founded WILD Swimrun, a training camp and event company that promotes women in long-distance sports.

currently: growth at Raceid

At RaceID, I started as an international sales executive. During 2 years I helped expand the client base to 40 counties.

After this I got the opportunity to explore growth and business development opportunities in a new role, testing various ways to grow the company and our revenue. I started an automated lead generation funnel (Hubspot) and developed a content & inbound lead generation channel that is exponentially growing as we speak.

I am trained and believe in the They Ask You Answer approach to inbound marketing and sales.

past experience

Before RaceID, I worked at Platinium Group, the e-commerce and ticketing solution for Formula 1. I started as a Copywriter writing product copy for luxury packages in the Formula 1 Paddock Club and Formula 1 tickets. I also produced email marketing copy, wrote press releases and handled social media content. After 1 year I got promoted to Content Marketing Manager and worked on the launch of a new brand website for luxury products, focusing on SEO as the main marketing channel. I also developed Facebook Advertising from 0, turning it into a profitable marketing channel for direct ticket sales.

Before Platinum Group, I worked as an intern at various companies and part-time at a B2B soft-plastic company while I finished my master’s degree in marketing. I have working experience in Sweden, Spain and the US and am fluent in the respective languages.

If you want a PDF copy of my full cv, please email me.