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List of Swimrun Training Plans

If you signed up for a Swimrun race and are motivated to train and do well, one of the best things you can do for yourself is finding a training plan to follow. It will keep you on track, motivated and get you ready for your challenge in time. 

I think it’s a game changer to have a plan to follow, especially one that lines out your entire workout every time. Not only does it get you in shape for your race, but it is usually balanced for your level and keeps you from training too much and getting injured. That of course, if you have chosen a proper plan. 

In this post I’ll share a list of plans, as well as go through what types of plans there are out there – all for outlining your options and help you make an informed decision about your training. Let’s dive in. 

What types of Swimrun Training plans are there? 

Swimrun is still a very small sport, so the supply is limited. If you were to search for running training plans, you would find heaps of them. It is also one option you have, to follow a running training plan and a swimming training plan separately. It can be an issue because the hard sessions may overlap and the total amount of training may become too much, increasing your risk for injuries. You would still have to wing it when it comes to selecting the right sessions to fit into your week, and you would not have any specific Swimrun sessions. 

If you want a Swimrun-specific plan, you can also choose between a personalized program and a generic one. If you can afford it, a personalized program is the very best option. You work closely with a Swimrun coach to plan your season and goals. Then they usually give you a long-term plan as well as weekly workouts. Usually, you will also follow up with the coach weekly or monthly to give feedback and check on your energy levels and recovery. Some high-tech coaches can even look at your splits and times through an app or your training watch. A generic plan is also a good option if you’re not ready to spend so much money. A generic plan is not adapted especially to you and your level, but is a standardized training routine, usually based on a specific Swimrun distance or type of Swimrun race. They vary from extremely simple (a sheet that just says how many times you should swim and run and how far) to 12 or 20-week plans with each workout written out clearly for you to follow. You can find several very good generic Swimrun plans at a fair price online (see list below). 

There are also some free Swimrun training plans out there. As with everything, you get what you pay for. However, there are many kind souls in the Swimrun world that have made free plans and published them online (you can see in the list below). I think it is also nice to support the few Swimrun coaches out there and buy their plans at their fair price, because we want them to continue and help more people into this wonderful sport! 

Check out the full list of available Swimrun training plans below, and pick one that suits you. Remember, to follow a simple plan is better than nothing at all. 

List of Swimrun Training Plans

Please note that I have not tested any of these plans myself (except for Nicholas’ back in the day and of course my own plans). This is simply a list of plans I could find online and that I just know of myself from connections in the community. When possible, I have also listed the price or if it’s free. There’s also a small note below each to help you evaluate what type of plan it is. 

The list is in alphabetical order. 

If you miss a plan in the list, please let me know and I will add it!

Eduard Barcelo – Swimrun Long Distance Plan for Advanced Athletes


Price:  59 EUR

This plan is 23 weeks long, plus a recovery week before the race. It is based on heart rate zones and general physical preparation and strength routines using suspension training (TRX).

Envol Swimrun Training 


Price: varies depending on the type of plan

Nicholas Remirez, leader of Team Envol, is probably the Swimrun world’s most famous coach. He is one of the few who are primarily focused on Swimrun training. He is also a high-level athlete himself, with several top finishes in the ÖTILLÖ World Championships and many medals in the world series races. Nicholas, and his team Envol, offers various types of Swimrun training plans and coaching – everything from generic plans and team membership to highly personalized elite coaching. Check out all that Envol offers on their website to know more. 

Fanny Kuhn Sprint & Marathon Swimrun Training Plans


Price: from $22

If you didn’t figure it out yet, this is me ;) I had to put myself on the list too, but I’m not going to brag about my plans here. You can read more about the Sprint and Marathon distance plans right here. 

Final Surge SwimRun Short Distance Training Plan


Price: $49.95

This plan is on the Final Surge website but is made by Karen from ChilliTri. It is a 12-week plan that features full workouts for swimming, running and cross-training. There is a sample week available and you can get many more details on the website. 

Foot Traffic Swimrun 12-week Training Plan 

Website: ​​

Price: $39 (New Zealand Dollars)

Foot Traffic offers this 12-week Training Plan for Beginner or Intermediate Athletes. They indicate that you should have a bit of experience in Open Water Swimming and Trail Running to be able to start the training. 

Love Swimrun Llanberis 12-week Training Plan 


Price: 5.99 GBP

Love Swimrun in the UK offers a 12/week plan to specifically train for their Llanery Swimrun Race. You can probably use this plan for other races as well. They offer a sample week on the website as well as some great tips around following the plan and training for Swimrun. 8-week Training Plan for Beginners


Price: Free

Hugo Mota has made a simple training plan for that you can get for free on the website. It is generic, simple and to the point with weekly workouts. However, it only specifies the type of workout and teh distance, it doesn’t get you any full workouts to follow. 

Swimrun Labs 12-week Long Course Swimrun Training Plan


Price: Free

You may know Swimrun Labs from the Gear Talks podcasts with the Low Tide Boyz. They have  a great website with lots of Swimrun resources. They also offer a free Swimrun Training Plan that gives you a structure to follow each week. The plan specifies distance, type of workout (speed) and usually a main set to do. 

TOT Endurance Swimrun Training Subscriptions


Price: from $7 USD per month (for 2 to 4 months)

TOT Endurance is a training team based in Sweden that coaches both Triathletes and Swimrunners. They offer training plans by monthly subscription. You can choose from 12 weeks or 24 week plans and once you sign up and go through an onboarding process, they will send you a weekly training program every weekend for the upcoming week during your subscription period. 

220 Triathlon – 12 Week Beginner’s Short-distance Swimrun


Price: Free

This plan was developed by Swimrun coach Nicholas Remires for 220 Triathlon. The plan is a PDF table easy to overview with 2 to 3 swim workouts, 3 runs, Swimrun sessions and extras (core work). The main portion of each workout is specified but you don’t get the whole workout written out. It seems very challenging for a beginner! 

I hope this list helps you find a plan that fits your training, budget and style. If you have any questions about Swimrun training, I’m happy to help. The most important thing is that you have fun and get out there to train somehow! 

If you want more information about how to train for Swimrun in general, read this post